The Cross Maker

Winner of the Word Guild Historical Novel of the Year Award June 2020

J. A. Taylor


The Cross Maker's Guardian  -     By: Jack A. Taylor
The Cross Maker  -     By: Jack A. Taylor
The Cross Maker's Champion

“The one man Caleb ben Samson wanted to see on his cross was Barabbas.”

“Caleb had twice dismissed the prickled feeling along his neck as he and Yeshi entered the last stretch of forest. Twice he had convinced himself that his eyes deceived him. Twice he’d ignored the warning chatter of the birds. His fury had stifled his senses.”

Excerpts from The Cross Maker

The Cross Maker

A Novel

First century Palestine is a hotbed of political, cultural and religious intrigue. Nazareth carpenter, Caleb ben Samson, and Roman Centurion Sestus Aurelius both want peace. Can this unlikely partnership accomplish what nothing else has done? Or will it come through the power of the cross? Can Caleb’s friend Yeshi, be the hidden key in a land longing for hope?

In the Cross Maker, Jack Taylor weaves a tapestry of creative history, powerful characters, and dynamic dialogue to bring a shadowy world into life. In a land where tragedy is as common as dust, the mystery of triumph peaks through.

“The clashing world of zealots and Romans is captured in these stunning vignettes of ordinary men striving to succeed in a time that is anything but ordinary.”

ISBN: 978-1-4866-1856-9
eBook ISBN: 978-1-4866-1857-6

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The Cross Maker

The Cross Maker's Guardian

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