Stretching For Home



J. A. Taylor


Book Cover for Stretching For Home

“Just a minute,” I croak as I scoop up the phone from the table and run to kick the bathroom door closed.

My big toe hits the corner of that door. The fire races up my joint and right to my brain. I hop on one foot to the kitchen door, unlock the deadbolt, then collapse into a pretzel. I fold my arms across my chest and howl at the phone. That’s how the county sheriff finds me when his boots stop inches from my elbows.

Bruce hops out of the bathroom door to check on my distress and then vanishes back inside. Lizzy screams out of concern at my howling. The sheriff stands over me with his gun pointed at my head. “Welcome to Minnesota, ma’am.”

Excerpt from

Stretching For Home

Stretching For Home

A Novel – Volume 3

A blissful love nest amidst a brutal Minnesota winter turns into a fiery ordeal of grief and terror as Katie is caught up in the never-ending pursuit of human traffickers who want to eliminate her from their deadly game. Isolated and forced to go undercover with the RCMP, the gambit almost backfires. Escaping to Africa doesn’t release her from the trail of death…

Stretching For Home is an education into the heart of missionary kids searching for healing as life tumbles in around them. Their quest for home can be as elusive as a rainbow’s pot of gold. Finding old roots and spreading new wings can be a challenge.

ISBN-13: 978-1-4866-0996-3

Word Alive Press: 2015

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