No Place To Run

J. A. Taylor


Book Cover for No Place To Run

Fear sells. The medical people sell fear with talk of Alzheimer’s, breast cancer…and dangerous ingredients in food. The government sells fear with talk of terrorists, gangs, murders… and identity theft. The environmentalists sell fear throught their talk of global warming and climate change… The conspiracy theorists plant fear by undermining our trust in the government or the oil companies or the Wall Street bankers. They create hidden agendas for our military leaders and business tycoons… It’s no wonder that one out of every five people in this country is on pills for anxiety of some kind.

Excerpt from No Place to Run

No Place To Run

A Novel – Volume 2

Pushed to her limits, Katie Delancey stands at the pinnacle of a bridge. Witness protection has failed her and a determined human trafficking ring has tracked her down. The hard truth hits – she doesn’t have a prayer worth answering. Weary and vulnerable from losing her mother to cancer, her horse to circumstances, her boyfriend to the Navy and her privacy to constant police surveillance, she has no place to run.

Unless the smiles and charm of Damian mean that everything is finally changing…

No Place to Run continues the adventures of Katie Delancey, begun in One Last Wave. It’s a story of rediscovering faith, hope and love when the maze of life seems to close in around you… it’s about realizing that the whispers of the past can be keys to your future.

When you haven’t got a prayer, where do you turn?

ISBN-13: 978-1-77069-786-7

Word Alive Press: 2013

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