One Last Wave

J. A. Taylor


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I guess, while I sit in my world, I have to admit that I can’t jump into your soul and smell and taste and hear and see and touch all the things that make up your memories of home. All I can do is tell you of mine and maybe help us both appreciate the world in which we’ve been privileged to live. Maybe you’re glad you’ve moved away from your first home. I haven’t got there yet.

From One Last Wave

One Last Wave

A Novel

If you’ve ever left a place, a person, or your faith without a chance to properly say goodbye… if you’ve ever made choices with consequences you don’t want to remember … if you’ve ever buried a past that keeps you from embracing your future… if you’ve ever found yourself chasing that one special thing that always seems just out of reach… if life has brought you more questions than answers… then you’ll relate to Katie in One Last Wave.

Katrina (Katie) Joy Delancey has staked her life on keeping the past and future away from her heart. But she is no master of her fate or captain of her own journey. A near-fatal race with a wild stallion, an unexpected discovery of lost African journals, and a chance encounter with a tae kwon do master, leads Katie through love, grief, faith and terror like she’s never known.

One Last Wave is a story about being discovered by faith and love no matter where you are, no matter where you’ve been, and no matter what you think may lie ahead.

ISBN-13: 978-1-77069-261-9

Word Alive Press: 2011


“A captivating story full of breathtaking description and stunning images, One Last Wave is an incredibly accurate and well-articulated account of the struggles faced by those raised in a culture other than their own. The author’s experiences in Africa coupled with his firm command of descriptive language easily transports the reader to another world. The novel deals honestly with the difficult questions of Christianity without slipping into the realm of preachy Christian Fiction. It is clear that One Last Wave was written directly from the heart.”

– Carrie Brock Lassiter

“This was a phenomenal read… Thanks so much for sharing your journey with those of us who were privileged enough to share parts of it with you. The stories and journal entries made me homesick, and some made me laugh with remembrance of a totally different time in my life.”

– Chandra Sanders

“While this is an adventure novel (and a good one), it also tells of the struggles many missionary kids find in transitioning back to the North American lifestyle that most of us know nothing about. A good book for all ages.”

– Isabel Runciman

“Even if you never lived in Africa, this is a great read. If you had the privilege of going to school at Rift Valley Academy it is a fantastic memory tickler. A whole lot of story is jammed into the pages of this novel.”

– Andrew Heuer

“My mother used to always call me and ask if I had my work done first before I played. I haven’t been getting my work done lately because I just couldn’t put his book down. There’s a lot to chew on.”

– Rita Harleton.

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