Salome – the Good Sister

Chapter One – a preview of the next book prior to final edits Goodness no longer made sense.             Death was here. Hidden in the hills of the Galil. Like a hand groping forward in the darkness toward its prey. Salome quivered as the sensation raced up her spine. Silence vibrated through the trees, interruptedContinue reading “Salome – the Good Sister”

Cross Maker Series – 5 nods as finalist

I was honoured today by the Word Guild Awards when judges gave 5 nods toward the first two books in the Cross Maker series, in Historical, Adult and Romance categories. Take a look half way through as Sherry Stahl reads out the names of fiction books being recognized. You’ll see my cover pages flash acrossContinue reading “Cross Maker Series – 5 nods as finalist”

Who am I?

Who am I when locked up alone behind closed doors? Who am I when restrictions prohibit the habits and wanderings that are such a part of my daily routine? Who am I when the screens are all shut down and the voices all fade away? These are the questions many of us are trying toContinue reading “Who am I?”