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We Have a Winner

5 nods on the short list is still no guarantee of winning Word Guild’s novel of the year in the categories listed. The level of excellence continues to rise among Canadian Christian writers. Fortunately, the Cross Maker won the historical novel of the year award. The 32nd Annual Awards presentation was co-hosted by Soul H2OContinue reading “We Have a Winner”

12 tasks of adulthood

Okay, let’s do this. Name 5 or 6 challenges your son or daughter is facing right now and tell me how you’re helping them through. What are some skills and growth areas you would like to establish in them as they face the years ahead? Is your relationship strong enough to endure the changing developmentalContinue reading “12 tasks of adulthood”

Who am I?

Who am I when locked up alone behind closed doors? Who am I when restrictions prohibit the habits and wanderings that are such a part of my daily routine? Who am I when the screens are all shut down and the voices all fade away? These are the questions many of us are trying toContinue reading “Who am I?”


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