Who am I?

Who am I when locked up alone behind closed doors? Who am I when restrictions prohibit the habits and wanderings that are such a part of my daily routine? Who am I when the screens are all shut down and the voices all fade away? These are the questions many of us are trying to avoid during these days of limitation.

We are created with purpose to be relational beings. To be forced to reset and reexamine whether the traits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control have become second nature intrudes strongly into the dimensions where we have been self-consumed, pushy, arrogant and driven.

Sensitively and unhurriedly reorienting our worldview toward a compassionate embrace of other’s well-being, without being manipulated or maneuvered by authority or society, sparks a hint of the divine within our humanity. Performing without expecting applause, appreciation or affirmation unleashes an unseen inner satisfaction that I am living in line with my design.

Significance, security and success facilitate a worldview anchored in the quicksand of my temporary emotion. The intimacy I desire down deep to those closely aligned with me sifts through my grasp like water and the tender care I long for is left empty and unfulfilled.

And now, in this moment, I face the mirrored image of my soul and recognize again that who I am is not what I do, what I feel, what I think, what I dream or what I embrace. Yes, I am becoming the sum of my choices, my actions, my loves, my giftings and my callings but there is a design tugging at my spirit to move toward the one who loves me beyond all my wildest imaginations. There is a completeness and a wholeness in aligning myself with who I have been designed to be.

As you rest alone, breathe deeply, still your soul and embrace peace in who you are designed to be in this world of restless souls. We are on this journey together.

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