The Cross Maker Series

The Cross Maker

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Jack A. Taylor

2020 Word Guild historical fiction winner

What do you like to read? There’s something for almost everyone if you keep looking.

Ocean and sand


Life isn’t always what it seems. Look deeper at what could be.

Think deeper about what might have been.

Sand and ocean


Pick up the first book and look with fresh eyes at a life lived long ago. Imagine the world as a different place with people who seem all too familiar.

Word Award Winner 2019 and 2020

Worth the Read


Settle into a quiet space, take a breath and reach through the ages. No one will experience this journey exactly like you so enjoy it and then share it with others.

Keep looking. The adventure is all around you.

Not all those who wander are lost.


Not all who are lost have wandered. It is easy to be lost in place.

Sometimes being lost in the life experience of another is the best way to find your own way.

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J.A. Taylor loves to unleash the power of words which embrace life.

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Cross Maker

First century Palestine is a hotbed of political, cultural and religious intrigue. A carpenter from Nazareth joins a Roman centurion to bring peace through the power of the cross. He also seeks to avenge the murder of his father by Barabbas. As he crafts a special cross his childhood friend Yeshi steps up with his own version of peace.


It’s always good to meet an old friend.